Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Rita, Toby Dammit, Fecalove - Collaboration

This collaboration between shark loving, Canadian noise hero The Rita and Italian pervs Toby Dammit & Fecalove came out as a one sided cassette a few years ago on Turgid Animal.
Limited to only 30 copies it sold out pretty quickly and I was definitely lucky to get one at the time, so what better way to give back to my community that to make a crusty rip of it and upload it to a sparsely visited blog?

The sound here is a nasty as you might imagine, having any prior experience to these artists. Rumbling and destructive low end meets sick, sexy eye-tie screech and vocalisations.
Being the morbid concept inclined cats they are, this kicks off with a track using samples from interviews regarding the case of Tommaso Onofri. Not nice at all, but you know how this shit works.

I divided this into the 3 tracks it claims to be made of in the inlay but might have gotten it wrong what with the pretty seamless flow of the tape. If you've got a problem with that let me know and I can try to advise you on how to be less of a fassy.



Anonymous said...

this is cool! I itches a special spot in my brain.

Bebe said...

This tape is big. This tape is a place enough.