Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Duncan Harrison - Shit Barrel Scraping

A while ago, I went out to meet an old man for his birthday having made him a tape of junky shit as a token gift. The jams went on both sides of some Blackstreet cassette (which, truth be told, I was a bit sad to part with) and were cruddily recorded into a purple karaoke tape machine. I ripped it after recording incase anything good was on it and decided yesterday upon listening back that I'd upload it here for anyone who wants it. I quite like it, it's way lo-fi dumb collage shit that does all and everything. On here is creepy creaking, mock raga love, stupid tape looping and some other shit that is probably best described as a 100% Skaters cat-fest.

Whatever though, have it, hear it, do what you want with it. A lot of what's going on with these jams will probably be done live or on a recording again anyway, and I might take some of the best 'cuts' from this and use 'em elsewhere.

For now though,


GET THERE (via Mediafire)


FRAGMENT said...

this one has really nice parts!! thanks a lot duncan!

Mel Gibson said...

Get another room to hang out in man, SHEESH. Stop being that.

Anonymous said...


pretty amazing - thanks!

clemon D;

djcrash said...

Awesome!Thank you so much for sharing!I heard nice samples like in these tracks at this site -