Saturday, 24 May 2008


For the few people who may know and the less who will care, here is the near complete Gland discography. Everything from the total shit sex noise of Superior Fellatio, through to a bunch of far more matured and dynamic stuff which never got a release. All here in it's questionable glory, for whatever it's worth. The only omissions are tracks from splits with 197 and Betty, as well as some live actions which got released on BTRecordings and Turgid Animal. All of these are available from said labels (197 split can be found at Mac10 recordings) so if you're that way inclined you can buy them.
It's a strange feeling, seeing this little body of work all here in one place, never to be further built upon. I had fun doing the relatively small set of things I did with Gland, and where I'm glad to have moved on artistically (god that sounds pretentious) I'll always miss the simple joys of my first, crude, obnoxious and excitable noise experiments. AAAAAWWWW.

Superior Fellatio
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Habit & Convention
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BBBlood said...

I had a soft spot for the Gland project. Ha, but I'm glad you are evolving and changing!

DanScatJavelin said...

Gland certainly touched my soft spot a number of times too...

Are these your lunches? said...

ffuck joekcy

st xlterio said...

reupload them! sendspace sucks, use megaupload or mediafire or soemthing