Saturday, 27 June 2009


Oh yes, mon petit frilous, there is a reason why I don't do updates for 2 months and the reason is that I am lazy and therefore come back every now and then with spunkers like this in grovelling apology.
Hate State is the label that put this beauty out and also a label that I don't know much about. Discogs show me some very worthy artists on their "roster" so give it up for Hate State. ALRIGHJT!
None Shadow is a 6 cassette C30 collection that celebrates WALL NOISE. Now maybe it's just me, but it seems that during the time that this came out only a couple of years ago and now, that wall noise has become something of a thing unto itself, and you see a lot of artists giving it large about militant HNW (harsh noise walls) and all sorts of other things in which multiple or few concepts are represented through long, unmoving walls of sound. I like a bit of that for sure, but mostly I think the idea can run away with itself a bit an ultimately leaves me a tad cold. So to my ears there is a difference between the sounds of this WALL NOISE celebration and what you might expect to hear from a HNW celebration. That is to say that the great stuff on this collection is not about unmoving and minimal washes of sound, but of giant cacophonies of grim, sludgy rackets that make you feel like shit when you listen, half cut, falling asleep, clutching a tin of warm stella on a hot day.
It's a pretty varied collection when you consider these terms, featuring The Cherry Point, Filthy Turd, Taskmaster, Kakerlak, The Rita and Privvy Seals, each getting a cassette to themselves which came housed in an awesome woolen patch thing with a pocket sewn in for each tape. NICE.
It could just be my rips, but the quality is pretty lofi here which makes for a more pleasent experience for my ears, however you might need to crank this one up a bit for maximum harsh intake. A good all round comp but shouts go to the Kakerlak, Cherry Point and P.Seals stuff for personal enjoyment.
What I've done is load every offering separately cos I don't know how to make RARs and it would be too big as a while rip. Also I don't think there is REALLY meant to be any sort of running order to this, despite what the discogs page says.

The Cherry Point
Filthy Turd
Privvy Seals
The Rita


BBBlood said...

Another awesome post. Its quite funny as we've got a lot of the same tapes.

Are these your lunches? said...

no doubt a shared zest for tip top brit noise and under rated gems my dear fellow. More to come after I've moved house. Maybe I'll put that BBBlood/Greenmist split up once it's gone forever???

BBBlood said...

Strongly agreed with that. Duncan, yeah go for it. I don't think Turgid Animal are selling that split any more so feel free.