Saturday, 27 June 2009

Diagnosing and Managing Heart Failure

Taking a break from the noise and drone posts, I'll try to upload strange things I find on my purchasing travels, often care of charity shops around this great land. First up is "Diagnosing and Managing Heart Failure" with Dr Graham Jackson of Guys Hospital, a lucky find at a charity shop in Southsea. Throughout this short cassette, Dr. G tells us all about how to recognise and treat signs of heart failure through a series of staged dialogues with "Mrs Taylor", an elderly woman with complaints of breathlessness. Obviously, these exchanges are pretty funny, you really have to hear it to believe it. Some of the comments Dr. G makes in the diagnostic spaces between the dialogues are pretty funny too, with his stern, nasal delivery absolutely shattering his attempts at jokes and light heartedness (accidental pun, HO!) into a billion shards. Also, at one stage, he reprimands Mrs Taylor about her use of salt in food and launches into a brief, yet vitriolic tirade which I'm sure hints at a personal dislike of salt extending far beyond his professional obligation to advise against it's heavy use. There are also some heart pattern sounds made by a Cardionics Heart Sound Simulator which might be of some use to sampling cats.

Worth noting also is that this tape was made to plug the heart medicines of Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Limited. Check them out at and tell me that the image you see on the left is not, at first glance, quite disturbing.



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