Friday, 11 December 2009

Shuffle Shuffle Vol.2

Yes mon petit frilous, I am back with another Shuffle Shuffle. Please forgive my lack of updates, I'm tremendously flaky. But I'll have some big treats for y'all in the new year in an attempt to give back to the blogging community.

Today we have a special treat in a guest edition of shuffle shuffle compiled by Mr. Final Church whose earsplitting noise bubbles can be heard at

Final Church also runs the Fragment label who I just discovered recently. It turns out they put out nice lookin' noisey CDRs and are gearing up for a pretty fucking sweet load of new releases next year. Brit noise is being repped up in that batch so get there and check it out for yourself.

And now to the Shuffle. I haven't heard it myself yet so lord only knows what this is gonna be like! Hope everyone gets down to it's secretive contents.

Shuffle Shuffle Vol.2 Compiled by Final Church // Fragment.

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