Saturday, 11 July 2009

Eight 4xCS box set

This wonderful box set here came out in summer 07 as part of a split project by Carnifex Recordings and Harbinger Sound. With Harbinger being one if not THE best UK noise labels, I was instantly interested, so imagine the glee when I learned that this box set was in fact a series of 4 cassettes, one side each taken up by the likes of Nackt Insecten, Usurper, Romance, Dieter Muh, Cheapmachines, Jazzfinger, Astral Social Club and Britannia Anonymous Society. Though, of course, I had only gotten to know the work of a few of these artists at the time, I jumped all over buying this now deleted item (which also came with a Harbinger Sound pin, excellent!)
And as for the sounds? fughettabaughtit....this right here is a cracking mix of superb UK noise playas. I guess it's just the very slight part of me that cares about being an English cat, but I'm always interested in noise and weirdness from this part of the world. I always find a slightly more excentric and odd edge to it which I love. Anyway, as you might assume from the range for artists, there is a vast mixture of styles going on, from noisy, colourful drones, acoustic scraping and minimal buzzing, all the way over to true harsh noise dynamism (Romance, I'm looking at you).

A thorough recommendation for anyone who wants to hear a lovely bit of recent UK noise history. Obligatory preferential shouts go out to the Romance, Usurper, Cheapmachines and Nackt Insecten offerings, though of course all the stuff here is top notch.

I've learned how to do RARs now so here it is in two parts for yo' listening pleasures.

Part 1

Part 2


Anonymous said...

i prefer mp3s to rars :)

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU. this rules. i need all the Romance i can get.

Are these your lunches? said...

There is a bit more Romance out there. I'm assuming you got the Shift split. Seek Romance/Black Sand Desert/Cherry Point split LP! Can't find it myspace/email me and I'll sort you out.

Not sure what the other cat means by mp3 instead of RAR as I'm not the most tech minded of folks, however download and the mp3s will be yours? if you're wanting hosted mp3s to right click and save/stream I'm afraid I dunno how to do it and prefer it this way, but thanks for visiting and commenting none the less!

Anonymous said...

Beggars, choosers, etc

Appreciate the work mate. Alot of idiots don't know what rar's actually are (As was my experience running a blog).

Grk! said...

Thank you very much! Jazzfinger side's blaring now. Dead good.

Anonymous said...

the second link has been deleted?