Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Josh Lay - Abandoned By Christ

This came out in 2006 on Italian label, Long Long Chaney. I'm not entirely sure when I got my hands on it, but it came about as a result of some sort of mistake between myself and the label regarding another purchase. Easily one of the best mistakes ever, cos this is a personal favourite of my tape collection and had quite an influence on some of my sounds too.
The tape comes with a track per side. Side A contains "Abandoned By Christ", my favourite track. It's a really, REALLY fucking dark work based around a very lofi and revolving tonal loop which could be some sort of organ or synth before giving way completely to a mental break down of screams and sheets of foggy psych noise. A damn near perfect marriage of lofi industrial tape noise and black metal, drawing from both influences in a very tasteful and uncliched way. Side B and "Throne of Dead Moths" is a fairly logical continuation of the end of side A, though in a much more subdued manor. You might need to crank the volume up for this one as it's quite quiet and I'm not sure I ripped it as well as I could have. I might have another go when I'm around this tape again and see if I can get it better.

I've not had much more exposure to Josh Lay's work, but everything I have heard has shown a great progression on this sound while always remaining challenging and dark. Check him out on



dallas said...

this tape RIPS!

Andrew said...

Certainly agree about this tape, a lo-fi, Death Industrial classic. Thanks for sharing this.