Saturday, 21 March 2009

Tuluum Shimmering

Tuluum Shimmering is a great thing. Massive and out of body psych drone magic, straight outta FLINTSHIRE, UK. This is the sound of one guy who I imagine spends many an evening in front of an amp and some rune stones, getting just as zoned out making the sounds as you and I do listening back to them. Check this guy out and buy his new tape out on Cloud Valley. (

Right here I've got two of his tapes for you to grab ahold of and get your numb on.

Swamp Delta Gas Flares

This one is the first tape I got off Jake when we did a trade. I was massively blown out of my socks by this and listened to it a lot, even at work. Enormous drone based musical works do NOT help you get your mopping done quickly, but fuck floors. 5 tracks on this which, in typical Tuluum Shimmering style, are free of ends and beginnings, just moments suspended in time. I've cut these into the 5 tracks however for YOUR convenience and they should be played as one continuous piece on each side, so don't let me, yourself or your country down by having "gaps" in there.


Ascent to the Spirit House

Maybe the only one of these in existence found it's way into my grubby paws? I'm not sure. I think this was just a jam caught on tape which Jake kindly decided to shoot my way. Kicks off with this sort of plucky, scrapey violin type thing and builds into a nice ambient set of movements before dropping off the face of the earth with no warning. Luckily side B is a continuation of where it left off and things start to get INTENSE. I think this is what living in a nomadic dessert community would sound like if it wasn't, in reality, a tough and thoroughly un western existence.



FreeCT said...

GREAT post!

wassonii said...

I found TS at about the same time as your blog. jake is a kind soul with a fantastic manner of sound. Thank you for posting these OOP gems. I've gotten him to send the most recent tapes and he's included a new cdr. Thank you for posting these!