Saturday, 21 March 2009

M.S.B.R. & Kengo Iuchi - One

Rather than just upload tape rips and less recognised artist, I want to use this blog to share some of the albums which have been important to me, musically or otherwise. The first such upload is in the form of this bad boy...

M.S.B.R. & Kengo Iuchi - One (Alien8 Recordings. 1998)

Like a lot of people, Merzbow had a lot to do with my getting into noise. Once I caught that bug, I went on looking for more info on him and to check out similar stuff. Searching lead me to his work for Alien8 Recordings and consequently this total gem. The album consists of an individual track from each artist as well as some live collaborations. The way that the tracks have been put together is nothing short of masterful. M.S.B.R. was a true master of dynamic and creative noise, while Kengo Iuchi seems to have found a way to transfer his every instinctive thought and feeling directly onto a recording. Crushing and nihilistic noise segues flawlessly into completely gut wrenching and heart breaking moments of pure, honest performance and it still surprises me how the record manages to cover such a broad spectrum of emotion while never once comprimising it's approach. Perhaps the highlights of the record lie in the live collaborations, haunting and ritualistic vocal/guitar from Kengo Iuchi which M.S.B.R pins down with very tasteful and minimal electronics.
Totally essential and a constant influence for me. A joy to recommend!


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