Saturday, 21 March 2009

Greenmist - Killed By Waste

With a good selection of CDR and tape releases on some pretty damn good labels, many of you may already know of Greenmist, otherwise known as the traveling Canadian, Dallas K. Right here is some gritty harsh noise, nasty and progressive but always cloaked in a pleasing lofi recording quality. You (I) can feel comfortable screaming at the moon and producing grim claw shapes with your hands while listening to this tape, but also perfectly happy just laying back and taking it in, getting passively stoned from the weed smoke which no doubt vastly aided it's creation. Equal parts tone and groan, and a massively absorbing listen. Oh yeah and this noise was made in CHINA, playa.



BBBlood said...

Glad you ripped and uploaded this. It needs more ears!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this!

Grk! said...